Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mommy! Mommy! *sip* Mooommmy!

1. In the Kiser household, we love Allstate's Mayhem commercials.
This one, though, takes the cake in my book.

2. I know that many of you probably saw our post on facebook, but yesterday afternoon I felt Little One's very first without-a-doubt-it's-baby kicks! It was unmistakable. It felt like little, tiny pokes or bumps from inside, just below my bellybutton and to the left. I have been able to feel them a few more times since then, and it brings a huge smile to my face every single time! I know there is nothing unique about pregnancy (the vast majority of women are blessed to be able to conceive more than once!), but it sure feels special and miraculous.

3. Any time I talk to others about being pregnant, they almost always ask if I've had any weird cravings. I haven't had anything interesting to report at all, sadly, except what DOESN'T sound good. Well, my friends, I have one that takes the cake. On Colin's way home last night at 9 pm, I had the most intense desire for a chocolate iced glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut... and... an eggroll. It defies explanation, but eating both of those things, side by side was heavenly. (Before you call the prego police on me, I have been monitoring my diet carefully and don't often indulge in super sweet or fatty foods!) My husband is incredibly loving and serves me so readily. I am very, very blessed.

4. I totally missed blogging about it, but this past weekend our wonderful Mama K came to visit us! We love her, and she is one of the most gracious house guests you could possibly have. We were able to eat, relax, get outside (for walks and Colin's soccer game) and play games. Such a leisurely time with one of our favorite people!

Completed a game of Monopoly. for serious! Who does that?

Got to see Colin score a goal on Sunday! Go, husband!

Hope everyone stays warm, it's going to be our first chilly weekend in the South!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Seventeen Weeks!

-This past week I popped! The bump has now gone from one-too-many-donuts belly to little bump. It's there when I wake up in the morning and when I lay down. I love my body right now and never want to stop looking at it and touching my tum. I can't help but walk around the house, pull up my shirt and say excitedly to Colin, "Look how pregnant I am!" I hope all of you moms and further along pregnant women are laughing and saying "Just you wait" at this point. I know, I know.

-Ah, the glorious moment where you think the morning sickness is mostly gone, you get cocky, then.... have to run to the bathroom and projectile throw up out of your mouth AND nose. Classy.

-Appetite is back, though, and I'm still getting used to being hungry every 2 hours or so.

-Baby is now the size of a large onion! Mysterious Kiser can now hear from inside the womb. I love listening in on his or her's little one sided conversations with daddy. Usually I get shut out but eavesdropping is easy :)

grace and peace!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Colin's Ideal Baby Gift.

Yesterday we received a package from our sweet friend, Renel. When she found out we were pregnant, she was eager to send us something she called "the perfect gift", and here it is, and how right she was! Most of you know Colin. He's a Biblical languages nerd (and I use that term affectionately, because I love it) and it goes without saying that he hopes to pass such things down to our offspring.

...Yes, this is a teach your baby the Greek alphabet baby book! When we opened this gift together... Let's just say I really wish I had my camera on-hand! Colin had the biggest grin on his face as he flipped through each page and we read each other what it said. We laughed SO hard and our hearts were so grateful for thoughtful friends. This is by far our favorite baby gift to date!

I sincerely look forward to the nights of walking into our nursery to find Colin rocking with little one, saying "THE-TA! can you say Theta?"

grace and peace!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

15 weeks! I love you, second trimester!

So, we're at just 15 weeks today! Hoorah! No more throwing up, constant fatigue, back in love with food, fewer headaches... what's not to love?

Sadly this is still my night belly, which is way cuter than day belly. Day belly still says to the world, "I ate a few too many oreos." I did go buy a Beband at Target this weekend, because my jeans are getting pretty uncomfortable. That thing is amazing! It slips over your unbuttoned jeans and holds them up while providing comfortable, breathable, elasticity. The longer I can stay in my pre-pregnancy jeans the better!

Little One is the size of a navel orange this week... doesn't that sound big? His or her joints are now moving, can see (through closed eyelids) light if shined into the womb, and is developing taste buds!

Colin seems to be having some sympathy food cravings. It's really cute. The other day at midnight, he really NEEDED ice cream, so we made a trip to McDonald's. We saw a few people there we knew, who asked what we were doing there so late, and the fact of the pregnant wife saying, "Colin had a craving" still makes me laugh!

love to you all!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

At least I can laugh at myself!

Hello all! I trust some of you are enjoying the chillier weather (I, for one, am not!). It has always comforted me in some small way, though, that there are people who come alive in the winter. So, hurray for you!

In celebration of fall, Colin and I will be going out of town this weekend on our respective CotA youth camping trips. I'm excited to smell like campfire and spend some quality time with some middle and high schoolers!

Also, thought I'd share because to be honest, it makes me laugh... Two things that have made my pregnant hormonal self cry this past week (And I'm not talking about the time I was on my period and started crying at the last verse of Taylor Swift's "Romeo and Juliet"-- True story).

1. The trailer for this movie-- "Being Elmo".

Who doesn't love Elmo? I can't wait for our children to discover the joy of Sesame Street. The fact that his birth is an underdog story made me choke up. Here's the trailer.

(found via Cup of Jo)

2. I'm a little ashamed to admit this one, as well: Grey's Anatomy. I know, I know, a little late to the bandwagon (like 8 years), but I saw that all seasons were up on Netflix when I was in the throes of first trimester sickness/fatigue, so I gave it a shot. DO. NOT. WATCH. THIS. SHOW. WHILE. HORMONAL.

Yup, totally cried.

Have a great day, everyone!