Wednesday, October 5, 2011

15 weeks! I love you, second trimester!

So, we're at just 15 weeks today! Hoorah! No more throwing up, constant fatigue, back in love with food, fewer headaches... what's not to love?

Sadly this is still my night belly, which is way cuter than day belly. Day belly still says to the world, "I ate a few too many oreos." I did go buy a Beband at Target this weekend, because my jeans are getting pretty uncomfortable. That thing is amazing! It slips over your unbuttoned jeans and holds them up while providing comfortable, breathable, elasticity. The longer I can stay in my pre-pregnancy jeans the better!

Little One is the size of a navel orange this week... doesn't that sound big? His or her joints are now moving, can see (through closed eyelids) light if shined into the womb, and is developing taste buds!

Colin seems to be having some sympathy food cravings. It's really cute. The other day at midnight, he really NEEDED ice cream, so we made a trip to McDonald's. We saw a few people there we knew, who asked what we were doing there so late, and the fact of the pregnant wife saying, "Colin had a craving" still makes me laugh!

love to you all!


  1. you are just so beautiful

  2. lol... i'm glad i have someone a couple of weeks ahead so i know what to look forward to! and yeah, i'm definitely still looking more like i had a few too many oreos and not cute pregnant. hopefully soon :D and ps- glad you're feeling better!

  3. How exciting! The updates are so cute. I love how you share what each week brings in the development of your little "orange" :)