Monday, December 12, 2011

24ish weeks!

Colin and I have started slacking off on taking pictures, so we finally snapped a few after Church yesterday. This is 24.5 weeks!

Updates are slowing down a little, or at least becoming more regular! I am still in that honeymoon phase of pregnancy where I feel great, energized (I have never been the type to be able to pop up out of bed early in the morning, until now), and productive. Although I have definitely started moving slower (and don't like not being able to get up quickly or gracefully), I feel good. Belly button's still in (I have no idea how), itchy skin and stretch marks are at bay for now, no swelling (wedding rings are still on!).

Yesterday morning, though, before Church, I woke up to go to the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and I kid you not, my belly was GONE. I looked pre-pregnancy, maybe a tad bloated, but completely not pregnant. It was so freaky, I ran in and showed Colin. How did Little Girl manage that one?

This past week was a little scary pregnancy-wise, but all is well! I had some seriously bad Round Ligament Pain on Thursday (stretching, stretching!) and ended up in Urgent Care on Friday night because of blood in my urine (that wasn't scary at all...). It ended up being, thank goodness, just a bad UTI that I had no idea I had-- and trust me, I know what they feel like.

This week will be fun and festive, with Colin's company Christmas party, our youth group's Christmas party, and our Church's annual Christmas Ball!


  1. Seriously...cutest pregnant lady, ever.

  2. You are carrying super tiny like I did :) But I was only tiny because I lost 15 pounds from being so sick lol. Glad you are having a better pregnancy! The UTI is super scary! I have had one of those. Not to freak you out, but a UTI can be asymptomatic with pregnancy and cause preterm labor. So just keep an eye on it. Dont' stress, cause that is bad too. Just thought I would share in case they didn't tell you (sometimes doctors assume we know everything because we have a little life inside of us) so you can watch your body. By the way, you are beautiful!!

  3. You are gorgeous & glowing Rach- thank you for the updates, I love how much you're enjoying this!!!

  4. Rach you look so great :) I want to see you, Colin and your belly in the next few weeks.


  5. Rachel, You look absolutely beautiful. I am so excited for you guys! Love being able to keep up with you on your blog!
    Love you! _joy