Thursday, August 2, 2012


We got all of our maternity photos back from the wonderful Sarah Scruggs (Again, Sarah, you are incredible) and I just had to share them. Rather than putting them on facebook, where the world can see them without asking, I thought I would put them up on the blog with a forewarning.

I wanted to put all of our favorites up, including some of the ones that show my bare Olive belly, because I think that fully shows the beauty of what God created our bodies to do! I am so blown away by these shots Sarah took. They really captured our joy and the emotion of that period of time in our lives, expecting Olive and delighting in how God was forming her inside of me. Seeing these pictures, especially the bare belly ones, reminds me to find thankfulness and happiness in what my body did and has been through. This is really important for me as a post partum mother, I think. We watch our bodies go through so many changes, and often times, at the end, we slip into the trap of self consciousness over our new "mummy tummy" and whatever else usually accompanies growing and birthing a child! 

So, I put myself out there and post these as a celebration of the pregnant figure and what God has done in creating Olive. For me, I think, it will be cathartic and an attempt at making peace with my body. 

Proceed only if you want to and it's appropriate for you to do so!




  1. Wow Rachel! These are fabulous. So classy too. Love them!

  2. This is my favorite. Love them.

  3. I don't know why I am just look at these now...but I love them. You are so beautiful. One of my faves is the one of you and Colon making screaming faces at each real and fun. <3

    i'm nominating you for a liebster's basically just a list of questions to answer and it helps people find blogs. No pressure if you don't want to :)

  5. You are beautiful. : ) I also nominated you for the Liebster award. : ) It's silly but fun! If you wanna pass it along check out my blog.. i have you linked and details on my La-La-La-Liebster post. Ha. : ) - Anne VDW @ Deep Roots (