Wednesday, October 6, 2010

another week of summer!

Sorry the blog's been a little bare lately! There will be more updates after we get back from our cruise. We leave Saturday! so excited. Can't wait to spend uninterrupted time with Colin, for an entire week, in the caribbean. And they even upgraded our room for us! sweeeeet. Although the weather here has been lovely, breezy and cool, I'm ready for one last taste of sun and salt water.

We are going snorkeling in roatan, honduras. Most of you know what that means for Colin! Hopefully more funny stories to come.. Because honestly I still chuckle to myself when I think back to our honeymoon snorkeling trip. :)

The past few weeks have been full of happiness-the-second-your-eyes-open-up-in-the-morning days. what a sweet gift.

another thought: is there any show out there as funny as arrested development? we certainly don't think so.

"i'm charmed, i'm sure!"

also, if you like thai food, give this Gai Pad King recipe a try! we had it for dinner tonight. I made it for the first time shortly after we got married, and it is a frequent flyer in the Kiser household. for the spice we use a mixture of sambal olek garlic chili paste and sriracha hot chili sauce (about two spoonfuls). we also skip the mushrooms and oyster sauce. serve over long grain rice. deeelish.

and i leave you with this. i think i'm in love with Over the Rhine...

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  1. have fun on your cruise!!

    and yes, arrested development is the best canceled show out there. :)