Monday, September 27, 2010

rainy day, please stay.

there is just something about this song that's hard to describe. so, so beautiful. simple. it is by far my favorite song by death cab. it sort of fit in with the calm climate of today--

encouraged, because God cares for me and anticipates my needs,
tired, because my body can't seem to fall asleep lately,
peaceful, because of the rain,
content, because i know that, even when things are ambiguous, they're not to Him,
thankful, because even though Colin is far from perfect, he's sure perfect for me.

grace and peace,
the wife.


  1. Don't worry about sleep. I either get too much or not near enough. Tonight, if you don't notice the time, will be of the latter sort.

  2. oh Death Cab. Easily the band that has impacted me the most. Right now my favorite is The Passenger Seat. It's one of those songs that I listened to a million times before and never really noticed, and Lissy pointed it out to me one night while we were driving, Its so good at capturing that sweet feeling of just riding in the car with the windows down next to your girl.