Saturday, April 23, 2011


One of my favorite things is when you're driving down the highway in the rain and you pass under a bridge. It was quite stormy the other day, but that tiny moment on my way to work kind of made me smile. The second when the pounding rain stops is almost deafeningly silent, then, in a flash, you're back to squinting to see the road and listening to the rain come heavily down on your windshield.

Such is life. The past months have been full of so much rain. At times I've felt like I'm squinting, just barely faithful, only trusting that the Road is there but not knowing where it's going or why I'm on it. Quite honestly there have been times where my heart has ached so much that I wanted to just pull over. Stop completely and abandon trust.

But my heart is well. I'm so thankful that there is shelter, and that there are moments of silence, when His purpose is clear and we are able to renew our vigor. He is our
Ma'on... our Dwelling Place, our Refuge in the midst of pain. Oh, that we (I) would let him be more than just a fleeting second or two of peace and rest before we're driven back into the storm!

Happy Easter, friends. Bask in the Resurrection of Christ! Let's rejoice.

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