Tuesday, May 3, 2011

another little corner of our house.

Funny story about this green chair... I found this one and another a lot like it about a year ago at the thrift store. The other one was the same idea, but a bluish gray and the cushions were shaped a little differently. Anyway, I bought the pair and said I'd come back for them when I had a bigger vehicle. When I came back the next day, they had sold the blue one because they were improperly marked. So, if you're out there and happened to buy my blue chair... for shame.

And now I present to you... the URRRGLIEST end tables you may have ever seen!

Not kidding here, folks. They are ugly. They are missing hardware. They have obviously had some terrible paint jobs in the past. BUT, they are solid wood, have a sturdy construction, came in a pair (when you find a pair of something, go for it!), and best of all, they have potential. The drawers slide out easily and have a really cool, slanty detail on the inside. And, best of all, I brought them home for $15 total! I sanded them today, and will hopefully prime and paint them tomorrow if I can settle on a color. I'm thinking mustard yellow with glass knobs.

Having projects like this to work on gives me peace. I love doing it. I wish I had the drive and know-how to turn thrifting/decorating/painting furniture into a full-time job!


  1. I love your fireplace! You decorated it beautifully!!!

  2. You're so dagum domesticated it's dagum near inspiring.

  3. LOVE the fireplace.

    And the end tables are awesome! they remind me of something that came out of The Brave Little Toaster. in my mind, they are singing end tables.