Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy First Father's Day, Colin!

Olive and I weren't able to celebrate Father's Day with our sweet husband and Daddy this year (At least not on that exact day!). It broke our hearts. An emergency in the family took us up to New York and away from him, so I figured I would take this time, almost a week later, to tell him Happy Father's Day on our blog.

Things that make Colin my favorite Dad in the world:

-His playfulness with our daughter. She fist pumps, drums, and dances (Lady Gaga is her favorite artist). She stands up, roots for Arsenal soccer, and professionally swims laps in our pool.
-He's a hot dad. C'mon, you all know you see those dads in the grocery store, wearing their babies in a sling or pushing the stroller and think how attractive that is. Well, Colin is one of those. YEYUH.
-His willingness to do anything to make my life and job comfortable and easier, whether that be him getting up with her at 6 am on a Friday morning before work to play and change diapers or putting her to sleep at night so I can have a rest. 
-When he reads Olive the book Daddy Kisses, and kisses her all over at the end. 
-How he always says he wants to shake her and squeeze her... not out of frustration, but out of sheer joy over her cuteness. 
-When he can't be with her during the day, he always asks me, "What is she wearing?". And when he gets to dress her, he always picks her sweetest little dresses. 
-Bath time is HIS time with his daughter. So tender. 
-When he calls her Babyness, Baby-Love, Olive Girl, Little Branch, Rae of Sushine, and Beauty Queen. 
-How, when she was a newborn and her eyes would still be a little crossed or far apart sometimes, he would call her "googles" and tell her, "You're going to work for GOOGLE when you grow up!"

I feel blessed by my little family every single day. Seeing Colin fall in love with our little Olive has been one of the highest joys and privileges of my life! We love you, Colin! You have grown into your new role fabulously.


  1. I looked for the LIKE button and then remembered I wasn't on Facebook! LOVE!!!

  2. This is so sweet, Rachel!
    I love the way you are able to express the things you love about Colin (and Olive)!

    I love the photos, too!

  3. My favorite is that he asks what she's wearing. Heart melt!! Hooray for amazing daddies!