Thursday, May 31, 2012

We're Here!

We're in North Carolina! ...kind of. Our stuff was left behind in South Carolina for the week, as Colin and I came up to stay with my parents while Colin started his new job this week. We'll be traveling back down just to load up our truck and clean our house before we're gone for good.

I made it through a lot of goodbyes and packing without feeling it. I don't know how we hugged our loved ones and put everything in boxes without it hitting us. When I got in the car, all alone, I broke down. The Lord blessed us with such sweet friendships in Columbia that we got to nurture and watch develop over the years. Friendships that saw us through painful things and happy things. I'm scared that we won't ever laugh so hard that we break our friends' chair again (like Colin did). Or that we'll never have the type of friends who let us waltz over for dinner, or borrow onions/any variety of missing dinner ingredient, or love us so much as to throw us any form of party that's necessary (baby shower, going away party...). We have been blessed.

So, as not to make my heart ache any more, I'll lighten this post up with a video of Olive! She has recently, in the past week or so, begun 'talking' to us a LOT. Many of times we will have back and forth conversations consisting of her cooing and me responding, and repeat. Her little sounds are adorable, and I love seeing her develop and hit little milestones! (Also, try to ignore me sounding like a complete idiot).

Hopefully soon I'll write more about our experience over the past TWO MONTHS (I can't believe it) with Olive. 

grace and peace!

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