Tuesday, November 1, 2011

18 semanas, and date night!

18 weeks! Not too much to report this week. I am definitely showing more and more, so it's becoming apparent to the outside world and those who didn't know that we were pregnant that I am, in fact, with child. I just love it. Last night I was laying in bed and was so distracted by Mysterious Kiser's little kicks that I couldn't sleep from happiness and my mind wandering.

Last night was also date night! We headed to MVista to see what (cooked, don't worry!) sushi we could rustle up. That place never disappoints, and the company definitely never disappoints, either! We got the potstickers, a Jade Roll (my very, very favorite tempura fried roll), split the orange chicken with brown rice, and shared a pot of blooming white tea. A little slice of Heaven!

1. Colin was wearing his post-shower towel around his head and shoulders like Mother Theresa... then invited Abner in for a father/dog chat.
2. I oughta stop wearing that black maxi dress. It's going to get stretched out :( But it is my absolute favorite, most comfortable article of clothing.
3. Colin with the remnants of our sushi roll.
4. I love this man. My soul mate.

grace and peace to you!


  1. You look so beautiful!!! And can I also comment that the Jade Roll is quite possibly my absolute favorite food in all the world...not even joking.

    Yay for little kicks!! So fun!

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog Rachel :) you should know that I stumbled across your blog one day a few weeks ago because it was on my home page and that is what finally convinced me to go for it! I just love reading about what's going on with you even though we were never super close back in the day. I'm loving reading about you becoming a mom, it makes me excited for that day :)