Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

This Mother's day is a completely new experience for me, obviously. Now I am not only privileged to celebrate my two amazing mothers, but I am also privileged to be celebrated as Olive's mommy. It's funny, because I feel like I'm the one who should be giving thanks. Olive has changed me in so many ways in just her short little lifespan. 

-I've learned how to tightly swaddle, change diapers efficiently, eat in a matter of seconds, take the world's fastest showers, and to maneuver a stroller with one hand while holding a bunch of groceries in the other.
-I've learned that some babies don't just go to sleep at night, or go down for naps on their own, they need a lot of help. 
-I've learned that your heart can actually expand. And boy, does it.
-I've learned how to be more intentional when it comes to spending time with and loving on my sweet husband.
-I've learned and discovered just how much time I actually wasted before she came along! 
-I've learned that I'm not as patient of a person as I once thought. I need a lot of growth in this area. 
-I've learned that productivity is extremely healthy, and that sunshine and fresh air do everyone a lot of good.
-I've learned that no matter how bleak things seem at 4 am when I'm running on no sleep and the baby's wide awake, seeing Olive's grateful smiles (maybe coupled with a good cry :)) in the morning make every tension disappear completely. 

We had a great weekend, spent with my parents. We drank mimosas and locally brewed hard cider at the Columbia farmer's market, had seafood on Saturday night, took a NAP (courtesy of Gigi and Grandpa Fien!), and had sushi for lunch this afternoon. There was lots of loving on Olive involved-- Colin and I are officially second-class citizens (haha!) and are okay with that! 

Breakfast tacos and mimosas at the All Local Farmer's Market on Saturday morning! 

Olive all tucked in at Blue Marlin :) She slept the whole time! 

Colin thought he could smile with food in his mouth and get away with it...

Gigi and Grandpa!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mamas in our lives. We have tremendous respect for what you do and how you pour out your hearts and energy every single day. 

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