Thursday, July 15, 2010

m-m-my heart like a kick drum!

1. i really do have great friends.

2. the bronze ring, with matching skinny bands to put around it. a girl can dream. i love that it's cast from the mold of an actual river rock. ah, etsy.

click picture to go to Colby June's etsy shop!

2. i want to be discipled by someone. i know that is a huge undertaking for that person, but it's biblical and i would love to have someone to pour into me, help me to grow, help me to be a better wife and lover of Jesus. also, i want to disciple someone. i saw the awesome power of a godly, loving woman in my life in highschool, and would love to (try to) be an encouragement to someone now. i'm praying for both of these things and for God to do them.

3. this song is so fun. i love the Avett Brothers unashamedly, despite how extremely trendy it is right now. there's something so consistently beautiful about family members singing together.

4. i wish that i could hang out in this tent all day and read my books.

5. last night i got up to pee in the middle of the night. from the bathroom i hear Colin talking, so i come back into the room to find him standing right in front of the door. he laughs out loud and says, "oh! hahaha, i thought that you were hiding somewhere and were going to jump out and surprise me! hahaha!" and gives me a huge, long hug, which is kind of more like him hanging on me than a hug. then he turns around and plops back into bed. he was asleep. he remembers nothing of it this afternoon.

6. i think that i lead a beautiful life. not because it's devoid of hard things, pain, or things i would change, because it's definitely not. but God is beautiful, and life is full of commitment and exploration and growth. i will choose to take pleasure in small things and (try, although it's hard) to cherish this time.

grace and peace,
the wife.

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  1. Rachel! it's been a couple weeks since us dillons have seen you guys! crazy. Love your blog site. I just started one for joe and i. hoping i get the hang of this world of blogging. Have a lovely evening and hope to see you soon!