Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Table Time.

1. Colin and i have recently created something that we call "Table Time". we have realized that, in the craziness of the work week with him working two jobs and with his early bed time (he has to be up at 5:00!), dates are going to be a little more sparse. so, during Table Time, we sit at our little kitchen table after he gets off work around 3, a drink each, and talk until our drinks are gone. no phones, no getting up, no bustling about preparing for dinner/nightly plans/to-do lists, just conversation until our glasses are empty. our first Table Time was yesterday and it was so refreshing. two bottles of Yuengling, me and my best friend, enjoying our little carved out time of the day to just communicate and love one another. so good.

2. this tattoo is absolutely lovely. the placement, the reminder, i love it. it makes me want to get another one.

via Jasmine Starr Photography

3. i'm going to repierce my nose. end of story. i'm sick of debating back and forth about it. i know, i've had it pierced 3 times now, but i finally don't have a job (right now) where i need to take it out, and it's time. i miss it. i have a lonely little gold hoop that's just waiting to be placed back in my nose!

4. Heat index of 110? really, Columbia?

5. i know it's kind of old, but i love this song. how cute are they? love the video, too.

grace and peace,
the wife.


  1. I enjoyed reading this. Let Colin know to be comforted in the fact that he isn't the only person waking up at 5 for work. You guys are great, and I am glad to call you both friend!!

  2. I love the idea of table time! Might have to steal it :) Glad you're sharing your thoughts.