Thursday, August 19, 2010

ah, life.

Colin loves his new job. i love his new job. such an awesome provision! how many random trades can a person pick up in his post-college life? serving in fine dining, pizza delivery, working in a bread factory, now screen-printing!

if i ever were to get a name tattooed on my body, i love the idea of getting a calligrapher to write it out. this tattoo is absolutely beautiful. i know that it can be pretty cliche, but i don't dislike the idea of tattooing your spouses name on you (in a tasteful way, not in a heart with an arrow through it.) Betsy Dunlap is an amazing calligrapher who does work for things like weddings (invitations, placement cards...etc). check out her website, her work is beautiful!

i have a job interview at 3 today. aaahh. please please please.

Ray Lamontagne put out his new album God Willin' and the Creek Don't Rise on the 17th, which you can stream in its entirety here. I am such a huge fan of his. I'm not sure exactly how i feel about this new cd... i know that i enjoy listening to it, and it will grow on me, but i'm not sure i yet love it as much as Trouble and Gossip in the Grain.

And lastly.. Publix. Colin and i love going to Publix. Not only do they have GREAT deli subs, but everyone who works there really seems to like their life and their job. it's clean, well-lit, and really does have great sales. it's not a chore, more like a museum. i have never been so amused by the packaging of a grocery store's generic products before! we walk through all the aisles, finding new puns and clever one-liners on their packages. we love it. for example...

"pistachio mustachio".



like, really. whose job is this?? that must be a very happy person. anyway, there are many other great ones, but i couldn't find pictures of them online. go see for yourself.

grace and peace,
the wife.

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