Thursday, August 12, 2010


Colin here. I apologize for my absence as of late.

God is worthy. Worthy of trust. Worthy to be praised.

This post is about a job that I got today, BUT the reader must understand that God is beautiful, worthy, and faithful in light of this and without it. That being said....

I HAVE A REAL JOB! Frenzy Inc. is a small T-shirt screen printing company that is booming and they hired me onto the team. I'll be screen printing, developing the local market, doing inside sales, etc. I've been longing for a job such as this, where I can feel an ownership over my work and have a chance to excel. Well, this is it. Thank you Lord.

Salary, benefits, sick days, paid vacation, personal days....yes

I'd like to blog more, but after the monotony of work lately I just can't. Hopefully things will change now.

until next time, grace and peace to you from God and our Savior Jesus Christ

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