Tuesday, August 3, 2010

forgive me for this.

okay, so i feel like such a ridiculous girl for doing this, and Colin will probably be mortified that i put this silly thing on our blog, but whatever.

i decided a few months ago to save up my amazon giftcards that i've earned through swagbucks (i've made $135 to date!) to buy something that i would otherwise never splurge on. since i plan on being an adult, and since i have a husband who takes me out, i thought a quality pair of heels would do the trick. upon looking around, it was obvious-- Guess' Carrie Pump was the one.

these are easily the most popular moderately-priced heels out there. they get rave reviews, they're beautiful, and they're well-made. so here's my conundrum.

black heels are a staple. i don't have a good pair of black shoes but i know every girl should. they're sexy and will definitely get worn.

BUT, i love love love the whole nude pump thing that's been going on more recently. love it. it goes with almost everything and is so classy and understated. i love.

what's a girl to do?? input, please.


  1. Go with the Nude! I LOVE them!

  2. Rachel I'm with Kristen! You should totally go for the nude pumps they are lovely and classic in their own way...black ones will probably always be around/in style and therefore will always look good no matter how old one is so go for the oh so lovely & delightful nude ones! They will look great on you! :)

  3. go nude! you know you can rock them better than anyone else:)