Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Colin here.

Apologies for the long absence. Much has transpired and blogging has been on the far distant burner.

1. Currently at coolbeans musing on James 2. What a shocking and provocative passage for protestants of all shades! Every once in a while I'll read scripture and come out of the experience winded. Pneumatic workout.

If you got that last one, you're a geek like me.

2. Radiohead: yes. If you haven't ever listened to "optimistic" or "in limbo" together, you lackin'!
I do think they almost pulled off a masterpiece in these two songs. It's rock with a pillow under your tush. I jet off into a far galaxy when I listen to the whole album (Kid A).

3. Watch this and then let's talk about it.

Call social services. Other than the irony of these "ladies'" extreme singleness, there's not much to grin at in this one, folks. Rachel brought a great point over dinner about this video and in light of the "Whip my hair" song by Willow Smith, who is 10 years old. The issue is that our media-centric culture is luring children into social, emotional and physical development faster than ever. In short, we're growing our kids up too fast. In reference to the "single ladies" we just viewed, they are seven years old. that's right. siete anos. When I was seven years old I was playing street hockey everyday after school. These girls are playing with barbies in the afternoon, then going to striptease-esque dance lessons after dinner. hhmmm. What's worse is that any person who speaks out against this video on youtube (like one guy we saw, with a vlog) is consistently called a "pedo" or "pervert" for saying the video is sexually charged and inappropriate. REALLY?

not trying to be uber critical, just...GOMMORAH, people!

4. I love my job. Frenzy Screen Printers! I've posted about it before and told of God's providential grace in giving it to me after months of prayer asking for a job just like it. I enjoy going to work everyday knowing that, to a large extent, the fate of the business rests on my (and Savannah's, my co-worker) shoulders. It is a grand responsibility, but infinitely better than being a cog in the wheel at a factory. I'm in a new store on Harbison Blvd, right next to Chili's and Barnes and Noble. If you need anything printed on t-shirts, hoodies, sweat pants, etc., give us a call (781.3755).

5. God is so abundantly worthy. He is deserving of our devotion and obedience/trust/praise at all times. When we don't have intense religious affections for Him, I firmly believe in THAT time we can honor Him in a very special way, even if just by being with Him intentionally. May we never shrink away from Him because of self-inflicted shame.

Be with God this week. I'll be seeking to do the same.

Grace and Peace to you from the only glorious God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

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