Monday, December 6, 2010

christmas came early.

Colin and I have never been the couple to give each other extravagant christmas gifts. To us, it has always been more valuable to exchange meaningful but smaller gifts, and then treat each other to a nice dinner out (usually sushi) and spend time together around christmastime. we're usually much bigger on spending money to do things together rather than just giving things.

Colin is a funny guy. There hasn't been a special occasion in our marriage or our dating relationship that he has held off on giving me my birthday/christmas/anniversary gift until the day of, simply because he is too excited and can't keep it from me any longer. it's really cute. i thought this year would be different for some reason, but of course i was wrong :)

last night, after telling me (twice) that my breath stunk and that i needed to swig (how sweet), i finally give in, walk in the bathroom, and there is a little tiny drawstring sack sitting in the sink. I had no idea what it was, but all of a sudden, Colin is behind me, grinning like a fool, telling me that my breath really didn't stink, and to open it. this is what was inside..

the bronze and gold river rock ring i have been eying on etsy for over a year, with four skinny silver bands to put around it! you may remember, i blogged about it here. it's so incredibly dainty, unique, and beautiful! he did so, so good. my mouth just fell open, i was almost speechless. very unexpected, especially since it was only december 5th (haha).

hope everyone's enjoying the chilly weather and the beginning of the christmas season!

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  1. aww Rachel, he loves you so much, so happy for you!!!