Thursday, January 6, 2011

it is so weird that it's 2011.

1. Last night Colin and I got to celebrate our four year (fifth annual) first date anniversary! That might sound silly to some (I mean, how many anniversaries can one really celebrate?), but for us it marks the beginning of something really sweet, and something big that God did in both of our lives. That's worth celebrating, if you ask us!

2. This morning I purged my closet. I love doing that, and try to every year at least. I was motivated by one of the blogs that I read daily, called Kendi Everyday. I just love her blog, and her style inspires me so much! She started a series a couple of weeks back on how to create a "Working Closet", as she calls it. A Working Closet is one that you can step into and not feel a) overwhelmed or b) like you need to go shopping immediately. It's a closet that has good, versatile, and useful pieces of clothing which allow you to create an outfit for any scenario without feeling stressed. Purging allows you to assess what you really do have, what you need to buy, and what you don't need. Read Kendi's article on purging here.

photo via Kendi Everyday.

3. Another thing. Recently I have become extremely interested in breakfast foods. Why? I have no idea. I really always have been the type of person to wake up, drink a cup of coffee, and just wait until I feel ready to eat something lunch-like. Until I saw this post on Apartment Therapy about one way to prepare cream of wheat and literally drooled all over my computer :)

OH! and, this article as well, on steel-cut oats. I've never had them, but I am easily put off by oatmeal because of its tendency to get glue-like and mushy. Mmmm. Thanks to my wonderful Mama K (hi, Mama!) and Apartment Therapy, I now know a little more about them and how to prepare them.

4. Also, I just recently got a job working at a new upscale Soccer/Sports pub off of Bower parkway on Harbison called the British Bulldog Pub (Woo hoo for being a college grad?)! Colin and I decided that something flexible and a little more fluid would be a good idea for me at this point in time. I have really missed having an opportunity to be around different kinds of people, as well. All that to say, this place is really going to be awesome, serving traditional British fare, such as bangers and mash (do i hear an Arrested Development quote coming on?), fish and chips, and cottage pie. There are also some more American-friendly dishes, like various salads, sandwiches, burgers, salmon, and pasta. We have 28 different beers on tap, too, so come out and visit! We are doing a soft opening this next week, starting Monday, and we're open until 12 am on weeknights/2 am on weekends. Located next to the Tobacco Merchant and Miyo's.

grace and peace!
the wife.


  1. I absolutely LOVE reading your blogs : )
    Seriously, I get very excited when I see you all have written a new one!

    Also, the British pub sounds like fun :)
    I might have to visit sometime!

  2. aww, Kirsten, thank you! that's so nice. comments like that really do motivate me to keep writing!

    you should come and visit, especially if you start feeling "home-sick" from this past semester for a slice of Britain/Europe :)

  3. I miss your closet purging that yall did in the college hall. It was like a special outing to go try on clothes.