Monday, September 12, 2011

Reverting back to childhood.

1. This is a new song off of Zee Avi's new CD! Celebrating the last stretch of summer...

This weekend Colin and I were able to go floating down the river with some dear friends. The coupling of spending time with them (and one another!) and enjoying the last weeks of summer was blissful. We "docked" our floats at one of our favorite spots on the river and relaxed for hours.

It's something I think about often when I reflect upon marriage, specifically Colin and I's, but I realized again how important the act and mentality of playing is. One of the most strengthening things about our marriage, we believe, is that we're best friends in the true sense of the words. Silliness knows no bounds, and the times we feel closest to one another are when we let our maturity go and just... play. Laugh. Splash the heck out of each other in the water. Push one another (unsuspectingly) down the rock slide. I sincerely believe the day that Colin and I stop playing together is the day that our intimacy will begin to wan.

I got to watch Colin's face light up with boyish excitement as he and Dan plotted their antics on the rapids. My friend, Carrie, and I couldn't help but comment on how one of our deepest wishes was that our husbands would keep that child-like excitement for life, adventure, fun... and us!

A weekend full of blessings. We hope you experienced much the same!

grace and peace.

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