Wednesday, June 30, 2010

101 things

Colin here.

I've always enjoyed other people's 101 things, so I thought I'd be fun to do one myself. Just some musings on life...

1. In the beginning, God was beautiful, glorious, and holy. He still IS.
2. The resurrection of Christ is so much more than a doctrine, it is a real, world-shaking reality.
3. I love Rachel Kiser. Best friend and mate for life. She is beautiful.
4. She consistently demolishes me in rock/paper/scissors. I'll never win.
5. In the last two years, I've come to see that soccer is indeed the Beautiful Game.
6. How about that goal in the 91st minute to beat Algeria...Ecstasy.
7. I read Biblical commentaries for fun. right now,
Romans by Schreiner.
8. Barber's
Adagio is probably the most beautiful song ever written.
9. "We shan't be telling your mother about this, shan't we?"
10. I work at Otis Spunkmeyer making subway bread rolls. 8 hours of mind-numbing nothingness.
11. I am actually at work right now as I'm writing this (I don't have much to do).
12. Rachel and I have the best dog ever, Abner. He is a fluffy dog/sheep/fox/wolf/bear.
13. I have to cut out thick dreadlocks from his fur frequently. he is Jamaican.
14. The Dear Hunter. Go listen.
15. Our long-term goal: teach and train natives (South Asia?) to live/preach the gospel of Jesus the Messiah.
16. My Rachel is so loving and considerate of needy and hurting people. it challenges me.
17. The Rimp is at last tamed.
18. I look for the Resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come.
Twilight = emotional pornography/the pinnacle of fantastical romanticism.
20. Enough with the Calvinist/Arminian debate, where you have to choose and commit to a system. let's just be Biblical. Hard, but worth it.
21. But then again....Monergism, baby!
22. Griffin Thompson = cutest child around.
23. In his first ever poker game, Collin Cornell caught a royal flush.
24. Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks!
25. I want to know the Bible better.
26. mewithoutYou, what happened?! From what heights you have fallen!
27. When ice is sticky, the sound and feel of it makes me self-destruct.
28. Three years ago I went to Nepal and India for a summer. It was a hard yet formative time that began the most grueling and painful two years of my life. Asia messed me up. Strangely, I feel called back.
29. Indian food. Nectar of the gods.
30. Led Zeppelin rocks harder than granite.
31. If you haven't seen
Megashark vs. Giant Octopus, drop your plans for tonight and rent it. It won an Oscar.
32. They need to make a Pilgrim's Progress movie with Liam Neeson as Christian.
33. Rant: if you don't tip your server well or at all, don't eat out anymore. $2.13/hr doesn't add up.
34. "You wanna be free? You wanna set me free? well that can only come from a union with the One who never dies!"
35. McDonald's. How can something make you feel nauseous and at other times make your mouth water?
36. Colossians 1:27 should be read, "Christ among you (Gentiles), the hope of glory." Ask me why.
37. For our one year anniversary, Rach and I are going on a 7-night Western Caribbean cruise.
38. You can find almost anything cheap online.
39. I mean this literally... what IS a rainbow?
40. Imagine the physical world without friction.
41. Mixed Mondays. yes.
42. It's only #41? whew. I'm running out of steam.
43. Rachel writes down all my sleeptalking activities. She wrote an entry on it below.
44. Three most constipated men in the Bible: Moses because he took two tablets and headed into the wilderness, King David because he sat on the throne for 40 years, and Cain because he was not Abel.
The Road by Cormac McCarthy was intense and made me cry at the end.
46. I have the undesirable tendency to not finish a book.
47. Proclivity
48. Dr. Joel Williams, PhD will be dearly missed at CIU.
49. Kevin Hughes' floccinaucinihilipilification irks me.
50. One time, Nick Jones ate and digested a steel rod.
51. In middle school I was the semi-smelly kid who wore one of three professional wrestling shirts every day.
52. At Subway: Footlong Italian herbs and cheese, ham, pepper jack cheese, toasted, with spinach, tomato, cucumber, jalapeno, pepper, oil, and vinegar. $5.35. Yum.
Surprised by Hope by N.T. Wright changed my life. Read it.
54. Messi, Messi, Messsiiii!!!!!!! GOOOOOLLLLLL!!
55. God's salvation is not simply for the individual. God is saving, sanctifying, and working in the world through the Church, not you or me. People of God, not persons of God.
56. Hymns. they don't write them like they used to!
57. Veiled in flesh the Godhead see, hail the incarnate Deity, pleased as man with man to dwell, Jesus our Immanuel.
58. Did I mention Rachel is my favorite person?
59. Favorite meal cooked by my awesome wife... pork tenderloin with Nick's rub, Asparagus, and onion-roasted potatoes.
60. On our honeymoon in Mexico, we went snorkeling. I got sea sick on the ride there, and while snorkeling vomited in the water, multiple times (once underwater). After I threw up, within five seconds there was a frenzy of at least eighty tropical fish of all sizes and colors swarming around me, eating all of the vomit.
61. Shall we sin so that grace may abound? freaking way.
63. Cold water hurts on the way down.
64. Collin Cornell is a Princeton man. Proud of you, adelphos
65. Flannery O'Connor's short story
A Good Man is Hard to Find is excellent. After learning about her themes from Rachel, I've found O'Connor to be magnificent.
66. People, the last book in the Bible is named Revelation, not Revelations.
67. If you don't love Jesus, you need to. You were literally made for Him, and you'll never be fully human until you're redeemed by your Creator.
68. It is hard to see the suffering, disease, decay, and evil in the world. God has already begun to renew the world through Jesus and promises to complete it. He is faithful to do it.
69. What I mean by that is not a gradual improvement in the world (sorry, Reformers), but God redeeming humanity and then loosing all of creation from it's bondage when Jesus returns. He will remake the world into the New Heavens and New Earth, and His people will enjoy Him and His creation free from sin.
70. I get upset when prosperous companies pay their workers poorly. Oh, the greed of oligarchy...
71. The coolest pet would be a dolphin.
72. I want to visit Tibet.
73. I've been struggling over the past year with the issue of non-violence for the Christian. Does the rapist or murderer go unstopped? Jesus says some tough statements that I want to simply obey and not work around. This is a hard issue.
74. I say this in the context of being an evangelical, but on a related note, evangelicals have a Biblically inaccurate view of God as a solely merciful and compassionate Being. Since we receive the Bible as God's own Word, we can't shy away from testimony and teaching about His wrath and justice, which many times does not fit into our grace festival.
75. See if that will preach on Sunday morning...
76. When I forget to wear a belt I feel naked.
77. God bless liturgy. Rachel and I thoroughly enjoy Church of the Apostles. Great community.
78. My Sunday School kids call me "Stalin." wow.
79. On the subject of names, I was called "Colon Kisser" my whole life. That is one of the worst variations on a real name that I have ever heard.
80. My little sister Brianna is really cool. I wish she lived closer so I could get to know her more.
81. Matt Clifton got me through high school. miss you, dude.
82. Matt Clifton, Zach Simmons and I made a video project in Government class about a supreme court case that defined obscenity and indecency. Our video turned out to be so obscene that after pre-screening it, our teacher wouldn't let us show it in class.
83. My parents have been very gracious and supportive in the past years. I am thankful.
84. ETB.
85. Shad-nuh!
86. Sex with my wife is beautiful.
87. I can't wait for soccer season in the fall!
88. I can't wait for the fall period!
89. Home is where Rachel is.
90. While driving 70 MPH on I-126 yesterday, Rach and I saw smoke ahead of us and a fairly sizable object flying over a car and hitting the road in front of us. it was a deer.
91. Rachel was mortified. I was amazed.
92. THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is a perfect summary of guys and girls.
93. RUM.
94. The professors are what make CIU.
95. A huge regret in life: not continuing to play the upright bass.
96. When did life get so expensive?
97. I love teaching the Bible. it feels right.
98. I miss intensely studying Greek and Hebrew.
99. Moose Antlers and Plateau feet.
100. True theology ends in doxology.
101. Praise to You, Lord Christ.

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