Saturday, June 12, 2010

a little rant, here it goes..

i'm a little annoyed. i talked about this with a good friend yesterday and have been thinking about it ever since. and since this is our personal blog, i'm going to go ahead and put this out there.

i get really hurt and offended (for other people at this point, but for myself when i was engaged) when people belittle the blessing of marriage, having a baby....etc. by being just plain bitter or lumping it together as some weird social phenomenon. okay, yes, it might be weird that a lot of people around you are getting married/having babies, but the facts are, if you believe this, God does marriage. God creates life. He chooses when and who and in what timing. chances are, the people you're talking about have sought the Lord into the ground about the decision to get married, and He has led them to that point. to be bitter about people getting rings put on their finger/walking down the aisle/finding out they're having a baby is actually belittling God's work, so please don't do it.

it also makes people have a sense of guilt that they should not have over something that God, in His grace, has given them. if someone is going through such a landmark time in their life as these things, REJOICE in it with them! there isn't a reason that they should have to stifle their joy. i'm not talking about gloating or boasting, which is also wrong, but celebration over God's blessing should be shared with our brothers and sisters. having to walk on eggshells when planning a wedding or be constantly weary of pregnant-woman conversation is not suiting to these situations.

(i am not, however, talking about people in our lives who are suffering some related pain and loss in their lives or who have in the past. of course there are huge exceptions to this rant, and we should be loving and considerate of those who have suffered pain. this post does not include them.)

grace and peace,
the wife.

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  1. Rachel, even your rants are worded beautifully! I totally agree with you, by the way.