Thursday, June 17, 2010

just life.

a list.

-work is good. there are elements that i miss from being unemployed, but i'm glad to be helping Colin with the bills. we're almost done paying off his loans-- then onto mine!
-we are planning a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines in October. we decided back in April to save the majority of our tax returns to spend on a vacation where we could get away and just be together. we originally wanted to go for our anniversary in July, but 1) we would have had to go on a cruise that isn't as nice because it was more short notice and 2) we would have only had enough money to go on a 3 night cruise. so we're planning on taking a 7 day Western Caribbean cruise! hello, Roatan/Belize City/Costa Maya/Key West. hello.
-i love Jesus. i love being in a place where i know that i can..should..and need to rely on His grace. it never leaves me wanting. there have been so many times in life, a lot of them in the past year, where there's nothing to do but relinquish everything and admit that our feeble attempts are just that.. feeble. but He's not feeble. the strength and goodness of our Lord is constant. ah, love Him.
-i get to see my best friends in a week and a half! so, so ready. can't wait to see you, swhite and cait!
-every monday my favorite bunch of village-ers get together and have a cookout and strawberry daiquiri party, which ends in a book club (haha)/bonfire. i have come to cherish Monday in a huge way. knowing that we get to rest with some amazing friends and have that fun time carved out is such a blessing!
-i love seeing people's earnest, purely unadulterated hearts. it is such a loving and trusting thing when someone lets you see that part of them-- either pure pain or happiness. we need each other, and it's so detrimental to keep our wounds covered. i'm thankful for those kinds of friends.

and, for those of you who are having that kind of day where you feel completely defeated/tired/worn out, let's pull off of this little girl's intense positivity! love it.

grace and peace,
the wife.

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