Monday, March 21, 2011

bread box.

So, I stopped by the thrift store on my way home from work to haggle over a certain piece of furniture. Always, always double and triple check a piece when you're looking to buy it-- check the drawers (that they slide out easily), hardware, and especially the back. Some places will try and trick you into believing that it's a great quality, real-wood piece... then you turn it around. plywood, anyone? Anyways, It was a beautiful mid-century modern hutch, but no cigar on that one. Cheap furniture doesn't last and doesn't make the same impression as a quality piece.

As I was leaving I spotted this awesome bread box on one of the shelves! It's a little rickety and the hardware needs some tightening, but I love that the wood is worn and I even love that some of the lettering on the metal detail is missing. It adds to the rustic look of it. It's not monumentally exciting but I still really like it. I can't decide whether I'll paint it, leave it, or stain it... suggestions?

grace and peace.


  1. thats so cute, especially the little emblem...I don't know that I would paint or stain it since it has that vintage/kinky factor.

  2. you know what the world needs? more boxes.