Friday, March 4, 2011

sickly, chapter 3.

1. Peaceful days, where I can sleep in with Colin, sit in the living room with the windows open, listen to music and make grocery lists. I'm actually almost thankful for being sick this past week-- it forced me to relax, because I couldn't do much else. Not work, not scramble to get things done... just wind down. Now, I feel rejuvenated to go back to work and do the things that need to be done this week!

2. I know the whole internet world is abuzz about Adele, but if anyone's worth the hype, this girl is. She makes me believe that there is talent out there in a world where every voice we hear on the radio is auto-tuned. It's hard to believe that such a mature sound can come out of such a young person... her first album (which is incredible) was recorded when she was 19 years old!

3. So much coming up in the next months-- to top it all off, we're planning our second wedding anniversary trip! I can't even believe it'll be two years of marriage in July. We already booked our hotel and flight (thank you, thank you, tax returns!). Since we did something very Rachel-friendly last year (not that Colin didn't want to do it and didn't love it, but laying in the sun is definitely my thing), we're going to do something different this year. We'll be spending a long weekend in D.C., seeing the museums and sites, going to a nice dinner on our anniversary, then we're going to go see Manchester United and Barcelona play at Fed Ex field! We are so excited! We feel blessed to be able to do things like this together.

4. I'm also on the hunt for the perfect everyday shoe. I've had two pairs of TOMS now, but honestly the two things that attracted me to them in the first place (them being different and also the company's philanthropy) have come and gone. Literally everyone in the world has a pair now, but mainly the allocation of their (abundant!) resources and their stewardship is kinda sketchy. I like the idea of a shoe that goes with anything and is effortless-- I've been eying a few pairs of keds but can't commit. Any thoughts?

5. Kevin comes tomorrow! We get our friend back for the week. It's a harsh reality of post-college life that people move away and you rarely get to see them. Fortunately, sometimes you do :)

Hope you're enjoying your rainy Sunday!


  1. That style of everyday shoe is very "in" in Europe! I saw many people wearing them!
    I think you could totally pull them off : )
    And...D.C. is awesome : )
    In one of the History ones they have the First Lady's dresses on display!

  2. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous that you get to go the Barcelona game. You would think that since we're in Spain, it would be easy to go to games, but since we live in Madrid, anytime Barcelona comes to town, it is usually to play Real Madrid (SUPER rivals), and the tickets are very expensive. We're hoping to make it to one Barcelona game by the time we leave here!! You'll have a great time in D.C.!!!