Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Last week in the trailer...

Moving is exciting. Thankfully, it hasn't been stressful at all yet, so we'll see! We're only moving a little ways down the street, which probably saves us a lot of spent emotions. We get our moving truck on Saturday, and that'll be our first official day in our new place! I'll post pictures when we're moved in. We've actually been having a good time packing and preparing for our move, and it feels SO GOOD to throw things away. I am a minimalist by no means (the thought is actually laughable), but it feels good knowing that we're not moving any sort of trash or mess to our new place-- just the things we want and need. A fresh start! In celebration of having a little garden in our back yard, I bought a basil and cilantro plant as well as a little heirloom tomato plant. There's nothing like a fresh tomato... can't wait to get it in the ground!

Anyways, the thing that we've discovered about a new place is that, especially when you're starting out, you buy things and decorate to suit the place you first live (that tiny bit of wall space in between rooms, that one large wall in your living room...etc.). Every piece of furniture in our trailer was strategically chosen to fit into a certain spot in that room. Unfortunately, those things rarely carry over into the next place you move into, so there's a lot of getting rid of furniture and getting new things. This little mid-century modern-ish end table was one of my recent thrift store finds, and I can't wait to figure out what to do with it! (Side note... look at how bare our cabinet and wall are :( we've packed up everything but the furniture in a lot of our rooms).

I have stockpiled a bunch of photos in my inspiration folder over the years-- here are some ideas that I'm considering for this baby:

A bright POP of color, like this one (This photo also inspired me to get a lemon tree. how gorgeous! I'm in love with this photo. You should see the rest of the house...)

Painting the main body of furniture a selected color, then leaving the drawers natural, kind of like the above picture..

And there is always leaving it natural or refinishing the wood. I'm more of a color person, and I would rather make a statement than let the piece go ignored or unnoticed while in the room. We'll see. The piece was so cheap, I think a lot of that was because it lacks hardware, which was just perfect for me. I can't wait to pick some out! Here are a few I've been considering for the table:

(All hardware from anthropologie)

Let me know what you think!


  1. Love it & can't wait to see more pictures!! This is random and hit and miss, but we found our nice nobs (similar to the pink one in your picture) at T.J. Maxx! Also, Marshals has some at times. Super cheap too.

  2. I love the idea of the pop of color! It's hard though without that all-white look, but definitely make it work! and yes to the lemon tree. you are so cute. i love you!