Friday, March 25, 2011

The Wake-Talking Chronicles.

I know I say this all the time, but living with Colin is endlessly amusing. I've posted a lot about his sleep-talking habits, but what about his wake-talking habits? He has a tendency to mix up words when he's excited or talking too fast. It's super cute and really funny. I took to writing these moments down as they came out of his mouth, many times on the back of a receipt that I kept in my wallet, but that piece of paper was accidentally thrown away. Darn. Here are a few of my favorite word "mix-ups" that I can remember, or had written down on a sticky note on our computer...

"Oatmeen and raisel cookies"
"We should give Atie and Koliver a call tonight."
"I was reading today in Jesus:12..."
"Arcelona and Barsenal are playing tomorrow..."
"...Bed, Bath, and Body Works"

And one of my recent favorites, not a mix-up but funny nonetheless...

"Could you get me some lipstick?" (I think he meant chapstick).

Love him.

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