Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Camon Sushi.

so i really should have mentioned this in the previous post, but it was long and i was distracted. but, in an earlier post we talked about sushi in columbia, and where the best place to get it was. Colin and I have been everywhere-- Inakaya (pretty decent), Miyo's (great, but we have worn out that menu for sure), Tsunami (trendy, mediocre), Sushi Yoshi (no.)... but never had we ever been to Camon on Assembly. we had heard rumors that it was "by far" the best in Columbia, that it was authentic and quaint... but because of a few horrible reviews and cries of "it's way overpriced!" we never went.

but oh, we went on friday for my birthday! seriously, guys. i keep thinking about it now.

i liked the atmosphere. you walk in the first door and you have to slide a traditional japanese paper door to the side. you get a sense when you sit down that the people eating there have eaten there many, many times before. at first glance the menu may seem too expensive or overpriced, but you have to wait until you see the rolls to judge. their dragon roll, which was BY FAR the best sushi roll i've ever eaten, is $15.50. that sounds like a lot, until you see it. it is MASSIVE. it's a traditional dragon roll (only about 2x the size), but the reason it's extra special and yummy is that they put a little bit of cream cheese and then some softshell crab in it. gah. another plus? it was just the right temperature. i hate cold sushi. it needs to be a little warmer than room temperature (not the fish, but everything else) and melt in your mouth. accomplished. Colin and I also ordered some edamame (of course), the rainbow roll (deeeelish), the sashimi platter (deelish, and so, so fresh), and it came with a seaweed salad (which was just right), and we shared two large Sopporos. they even brought out a complimentary few pieces of a crunchy, spicy tuna tempura roll with spicy mayo on it, which was awesome.

all in all, we were super impressed and fell in love with it, basically. the service was so-so... but we're really low maintenance, so as long as we have our food and our drinks we're set. our bill ended up being the exact same (maybe a little less, even) as when we go to MVista for sushi, so that solves that debacle. if you are a sushi lover, go to Camon, bottom line. and get the dragon roll!

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