Monday, September 20, 2010

sick day.

1. y'know, being sick isn't half bad when you:

a) have netflix and can watch hoarders all day.
b) are allowed to sleep in way late and not feel guilty.
c) have a super duper husband who takes care of you (and even cooks!).
d) don't have a job/school to worry about.

2. also, random thought: i have never, ever experienced the sponsored/weirdly decorated crown vic thing until moving to Columbia. As of now I have seen a tweety bird car, a starburst car, a tony the tiger car, a milky way car, and... Colin and I's favorite.. a Child's Play Chucky doll car. yes. this man has two possessed Chucky dolls hanging out of the back windows of his car. cool, right? anybody else seen any good ones around Columbia?

3. i love to cook. i never really had the chance before and didn't know how much i love it, but i do. one of my favorite things is finding a new recipe that sounds good and just doing it. i love the type of recipes that are quick and easy with few ingredients as well as the more demanding ones (like many indian dishes, which require grinding your own spices and all of that). i will say, though, for beginners, the pioneer woman has been fantastic help since being married. first off, she is hilarious. second, she details the cooking process as well as posting pictures of what each step looks like. this woman can cook for sure! here are some of the things we've made of hers and enjoyed:

4. also, i know you read this blog. yes, you. not by name, necessarily, but we get a good number of hits on this thing so don't be a creeper and lurk around without saying something. not only that, but a lot of people come up to us in real life and say things like "i read that on your blog"...etc. so, like i said, don't be a creeper! make your presence known! we love comments!

i leave you with this. my favorite song by one of my favorite artists.

grace and peace,
the wife.


  1. I will always be a creeper : ) Although I will try to comment more! And now I want to go cook something because of this post.

  2. please tell me you've seen the eeyore crown vic? i think it's one of my faves. love you guys. :)

  3. A. I agree with Julie..definitely creeping haha and
    B. I think we lived the same life today in different states except I'm not sick and my husband doesn't cook :)

  4. I'm only commenting so that I wont be thought of as a creeper... But, I read your blag all the time! and that wobsite you posted looks awesome!

  5. How does the Penne a la Betsy recipe reheat? Do you make it w/the shrimp? I want to try it, but I'm also looking for recipes that reheat well...

  6. I sure do like you. :) Jus creepity-creepin' on yo blog, drivin' in mah crown vic with mah plehful puppeh.

  7. rachel, it's heather. caitlyn's heather. i love your blog. i also love that you put the link to 'kendi everyday' because i believe i found my new obsession. love it. can't wait to meet you one day. hahaha! love, heather.

  8. rachel, you are seriously the best cook. you rock