Tuesday, September 7, 2010

some random coffeeshop ponderings.

1. i am sitting in cool beans with Colin, writing our lessons for High School Bible Study tomorrow night. it struck me as we were sitting down that this is bliss-- going to a coffee shop not completely bogged down with the multiple papers i have to write or chapters of books i have to read by the next day. sigh. i knew graduation would be sweet. i haven't felt this measure of rest in so many years. so here we sit-- he with his mango smoothie that he got for free for helping the girls here move a huge refrigerator, me with "the perfect man", and our massive ESV study bibles, compliments of CotA. we decided to teach through the life of David, which i'm super excited about. God's faithfulness through the Old Testament.. ah.

2. Celebrated my second married birthday this weekend. married birthdays are so much better than single birthdays! 22 years old, and i think for the second birthday of my life i feel every bit of it, and thankfully so. i almost feel like my years need to catch up sometimes with all that i've grown in and learned over the past few years. the 22 that i'm experiencing is so vastly different from the 22 many, many of those around me are experiencing (and vice versa, obviously). it's interesting. Colin spoiled me, as did my wonderful family. My birthday was spent in beautiful Charleston with my parents and Colin. What a wonderful place! If you've never been to the spice and tea exchange in Charleston, check it out next time you're there. Colin bought me some Bombay Chai that i'm really excited about. such a cute little place if you're a tea lover like i am.

3. yesterday night i heard Colin laugh a laugh that is literally a privilege to hear-- those of you who know him know it. it's the ear-piercingly loud "UH-HUH!" that causes him to double over (and in this case, writhe on the ground) for a good five minutes, incapacitated, until he's able to get up again. he literally broke Katie and Oliver's folding chair in all of the calamity. Kudos to Oliver, for telling one of the funniest stories we've ever heard. we love the Thompsons.

4. and, keeping with the recent theme of posting videos, listen to this song by A Fine Frenzy. she is wonderful and i love how she rocks the red hair. ( i would post the original video, because it's super cute, but it wasn't allowed.)

grace and peace,
the wife.


  1. i believe oliver's humor stemmed from your hilarious story, mrs. kiser :) i would add "infectious" to the descriptors of colin's super-laugh as well. it can be said that we were all quite close to falling out of our chairs whilst laughing AT colin's laugh!...or should i say WITH colin :)

  2. i miss that laugh! i heard it in my head while i read.

    i'm jealous that you and colley are teaching. and the Old Testament! gah, i love that stuff! (as you know from my obsessive blogging from student teaching :))

    happy bday Rach! sorry i didnt get to tell you on your actual birthday, my phone was dead, and i refuse to do facebook birthday wishes for people that i love and know well. so impersonal. but know that i was thinking about you all day that day!

    love you guys, and miss you lots!